Tor Project sells first .onion URL as an NFT for 500 ETH (€ 1.4M)

Tor Project has auctioned off the dark web’s first non-fungible token (NFT) site for around $1.4 million. The sale was won by PleasrDAO, which notably bought Edward Snowden’s NFT in April. The first .onion URL in NFT Tor Project, the non-profit organization, recently sold a piece of art as NFT. They generated this from the private key of the… Read More ›

Paralyzed man challenges Pager, Neuralink’s monkey to Pong game

This would be the first interspecies mental competition. Thanks to the brain-machine interfaces, the two opponents could face each other in the game of Pong. The live could be broadcast on Twitch. Nathan Copeland was injured in a car accident several years ago. Since then, he can no longer walk or move his fingers. They equip him with a… Read More ›

Is TikTok Crushing Facebook?

While TikTok is still the most downloaded app in the world, Facebook is reportedly seeing a significant drop in the number of downloads on the App Store and Play Store. Is Mark Zuckerberg losing this battle? It has been over a year since the media keep talking about the success of the social network TikTok. And if… Read More ›

Amazon wants to buy MGM studio

This would allow it to greatly expand its catalog. According to several American media, including the specialist Variety, Amazon is in discussions with the MGM studio for a buyout at 9 billion dollars. This acquisition would allow the eCommerce giant to expand the catalog of its Prime Video service with very large film franchises, while the streaming sector is… Read More ›

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