Apple orders more VCMs for the iPhone 13 camera than any Android

Upcoming camera upgrades to the iPhone 13 lineup put increased pressure on suppliers to meet Apple’s demand for key lens components, according to a new report from Digitimes.

The iPhone 13’s photo sensors will cannibalize the entire market

Apple has reportedly given notice to Taiwanese manufacturers of voice coil motors * (Voice Coil Motor or VCM) to increase their capacity by 30 to 40% in order to meet the company’s demand, which is expected to exceed all Android market this year.

Report sources pointed out that the 2021 iPhones are expected to have upgrades in camera modules and 3D sensors for Face ID, which will lead to increased use of VCMs, adding that Apple has also asked related component vendors. To increase their capacities by 30-40% in order to meet its demand.

Apple’s orders for VCMs are expected to get strong starting this month and increase in July. Meanwhile, the reduced demand from Android makers for VCMs is in part because of the impact of sanctions imposed by Huawei on the United States. That said, successive iPhone models have required more and more VCM components, which are involved in the camera lens focusing functions, as Apple keeps increasing the number and quality of the cameras. Lenses in its camera modules.

New iPhone 13 photos

This year, Apple is expected to make several notable improvements to the iPhone 13‌ camera. New “Pro” models are likely to feature an upgraded Ultra Large camera lens with a wider f / 1.8 aperture and a six-element lens, with some rumors suggesting the Ultra Large upgrade could be for all four iPhone models 13.

Sensor-shift stabilization is expected to be extended across the entire iPhone lineup, introducing improvements in performance and low-light stabilization by reducing camera movement, with the feature said to be available for Wide and Ultra Large Pro models. There is a rumor that the new ‌iPhone models will also be able to shoot portrait mode videos. Apple has also added Portrait mode on FaceTime.

In addition, some also claim that the ‌iPhone 13‌ models will have astrophotography camera capabilities to capture the sky. This could involve a special mode that activates when iPhone‌ is pointed at the sky, allowing the device to detect the moon, stars and other artifacts and adjust exposure.

With these improvements it makes sense that the camera bump is slightly larger, something that has been seen a few times lately.

Apple’s ‌iPhone 13‌ lineup will be unveiled in fall 2021, with the company aiming to revert to its traditional September launch schedule.

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