This “stargate” connects two cities 400 kilometers apart

The cities of Vilnius (Lithuania) and Lublin (Poland) are just over 400 kilometers apart as the crow flies. However, they are now connected thanks to a strange connected portal called PORTAL. An artist’s initiative that allows passers-by from both cities to communicate.

The pandemic has forced us to stay at home, limiting our travel and depriving us of travel. Two Eastern European cities, namely Vilnius (Lithuania) and Lublin (Poland) have decided to metaphorically circumvent these restrictions by connecting via a portal.

This device is reminiscent of the Stargate Stargate, but it’s actually a screen that rebroadcasts in actual time what is happening in the other city, located over 400 kilometers away. It is a “visual bridge” according to its creators. The first is at the station square in Vilnius, while the second is at the central square in Lublin. Passers-by can thus interact with each other from a distance. Yes, it doesn’t add up to anything more than a Zoom meeting, but it’s above all metaphorical.

A Stargate Between Cities

The official website of the PORTAL project specifies that they did not design it in reaction to the coronavirus, since it is a work that began 5 years ago. However, the epidemic has put additional weight on these stargates.

A beautiful project which is above all fun. It only remains to see if such an initiative and if they will try to communicate via an interposed portal. will elate the inhabitants As for the very particular form of this device, its creators willingly assume their first inspiration:

“Vilnius engineers and linkmenų fabrikas design center made the PORTAL. They chose a circle, a well-known science fiction symbol recognizable for their visual bridge.”

At the moment there are only two portals across the world, but the official Vilnius page states that this project is still in its infancy and that other cities may soon be connected in the same way. Way. A nice and interesting project.

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