Kid Spends Over Thousand Dollars on App Store, Apple Clears Slate, Apologizes

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A 9-year-old with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) spent no less than $ 1,116.32 on the App Store for in-app purchases.

Having initially refused the request for reimbursement by invoking in particular the general conditions of sale in force on the App Store, the Cupertino company finally returned the amount spent to the mother of the child while apologizing, after that the matter be published in the Canadian media Global News.

And for a few more dollars….

Maria Vasquez had a terrible surprise when she received her last invoice from the App Store. Mother of a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), she saw multiple in-app purchases from her son, a great Roblox lover and Coin Master.

If it could only have been a matter of a few tens of dollars, the passion of the 9-year-old child led him to carry out multiple transactions… In actual money. It is any surprise that Maria Vasquez thus discovered a note salty, of 1,116.32 dollars.

According to her, her son Thenniel was simply not aware that the money spent was not fake.

Revealed to the public, the case makes Apple sell

The incident could have remained minor; Maria Vasquez has in fact contacted Apple customer service to explain her situation and, above all, to get a refund. However, such compensation first appeared impossible for the firm, which preferred to recall the conditions in force on the App Store while quickly closing the request.

The mother of the young Thenniel claims to have tried to restrict the possibility for her son to make in-app purchases by changing the passwords of his iPad, the device being, synchronized with the mother’s iPhone.. According to her, the young boy’s TSA enabled him to efficiently memorize the new lock code: ” He was by my side when I changed the password, which was only 7 characters long, but his TSA did. memorization is one of its strengths. His memory is very important, he can really memorize everything easily ”.

At first reluctant, Apple finally resolved to make a full refund of the sum, while apologizing to Maria Vasquez, after the latter turned it published to a consumer association and the facts in the hurry. A ” happy end ” which ended with a press release from the Apple brand recalling the work carried out on tools allowing parents to control the way their children use Apple products.

Source: WCCFTech, Global News

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