Apple: an excellent first quarter thanks to the iPhone

Apple signs the second best quarter in its history.

Yesterday, it was Apple’s turn to unveil its quarterly results. The Cupertino company once again recorded a record quarter, with a turnover of 89.6 billion dollars. An increase of nearly 54% in one year thanks to the various services offered by Apple, but especially the iPhone.

iPhone 12 blows up counters, iPad and Mac advance

The pandemic has benefited tech giants, and Apple in particular. In one year, the company doubled its quarterly profit, and the iPhone contributed big. Apple’s smartphone sales account for $47.94 billion of its revenue, the bulk of its revenue. If 5G with the iPhone 12 and its new design have won over many users, they have helped phone sales increase by 66%. The decline in the smartphone market is therefore not affecting the company, which this week launched the iOS 14.5 update , introducing the Tracking Transparency App .

Encouraged by the pandemic, sales of iPads and Macs grew rapidly. Apple has sold $7.80 billion worth of tablets, up 78.9% from last year. The company admitted that in recent months, its activity had grown thanks to the health situation. “This quarter reflects both the sustainable way in which our products have helped our users live this moment in their lives, and the optimism consumers seem to embrace about better days for all of us,” said Tim. Cook, the CEO of Apple, in a statement.

More and more consumers, but also businesses, are investing in Apple products for work or play. So that explains the $9.1 billion generated by MacBook sales. The firm’s computers have never sold so well, marking an increase of 70%. If teleworking has something to do with it, the first models equipped with M1 processors have had a considerable impact on Mac sales. The upcoming arrival of the M2 chip could merge Apple’s place on the podium.

Excellent results for Apple services and other products

If the hours spent in front of a screen multiply, the services of the Cupertino company are progressing rapidly. Apple product owners buy more from iTunes, Apple Music, Apple Pay or the App Store. “The App Store has been an economic miracle. Last year, estimates said there was over half a trillion dollars in economic activity thanks to the store. It has been a game-changer not only for the United States, but for many other countries.”, Tim Cook told CNBC .

Indeed, services grew by 26.7% over one year, or $16.9 billion. Figures that could continue to grow with the paid podcasts announced by Apple. If the company takes a 30% commission in the first year, its competitor Spotify has announced that it will not .

On the other side of the company’s products, sales of Apple Watch, AirPods and HomePod mini are doing well, with a revenue of $7.8 billion. This marks a further increase from 2020, this time by 25%.

All the numbers are in good shape for the company, whose share climbed 3% on electronic quotes after the close of Wall Street, following the publication of the results for the first quarter of 2021. If Apple buys a company every three weeks, it also announced that it intended to speed up its investments in the United States, to bring them to 430 billion dollars.

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