10 online business ideas to seize after the crisis (2021).

With the coronavirus crisis, social distancing, and the recession, many sectors have been heavily impacted, and…. have even started to reduce their payroll… This poses a problem of uncertainty on a global scale. For those who had an idea for an online business, this period becomes a great business opportunity on the internet. The question remains, but what to get into?

With the coronavirus crisis, social distancing, and the recession, many sectors have been heavily impacted, and…. have even started to reduce their payroll… This poses a problem of uncertainty on a global scale. For those who had an idea for an online business, this period becomes a great business opportunity on the internet. The question remains, but what to get into?

What I notice is that the majority of strategies for starting an online business have gathered dust and are not necessarily adapted to a changing world. Also, they are most often offered by dream merchants.

If you are one of those people who hope to find in this article the idea of ​​the century that will make you rich in 2-3 months to become a “free entrepreneur”, go your way.

This article aims to guide you in creating a realistic project that can lead to long-term entrepreneurial success.

Start from your passion, to avoid weariness: music, computers, video games, cooking, reading, management, finance… Here is an excellent starting point for getting started online.

Once your positioning has been defined, deploy your digital marketing strategy thanks to regular personal investment, and you can quickly start the “online” adventure.

Do not forget to work on your business plan to a minimum to start your little empire on the right foot.

Here are 10 concrete online business ideas for successful entrepreneurship in 2021.

1.Get started in strategic blogging

Thousands of bloggers today live by writing about their passions or their area of ​​expertise. The recipe: choose an audience, a niche and create epic content to gain traffic to monetize.

Why is blogging a good idea for an online business?

If you provide real value to your blog reader, it’s because:

  1. You inform him about his research by giving him the right information
  2. You direct him to the related subjects that interest him.
  3. And have a good time on your blog (like you there, right now;))
  4. This time spent can generate 3 main sources of income such as:
    1. Advertising (Google Adsense, or a partner of Google ads like the Ezoic program, etc. )
    2. Selling your own products/services
    3. Commission on other people’s products or services

Think about it: Anytime you covet information about a product or service, you’re going to be using Google. If your article ranks well on the search engine, you are going to be able to gain readers.

You can then build loyalty by starting an engaging email marketing strategy.

Also, you learn to write better, which will help you… always.

How to get started in blogging?

The lucrative niches are many and varied, from automotive, job hunting, gardening, there are many topics you can cover in blogging. It’s up to you to choose the one that you are passionate about and that has the potential for monetization.

Successful, financially independent bloggers are those who focus on an identified target. They see their blog as both a passion and a profitable business.

As a blogger myself, I believe the 7 steps to get started are to:

  1. Choose the niche you are going to address
  2. Define your goals and create a plan
  3. Buy a domain name
  4. Subscribe to a hosting service
  5. Install WordPress and basic plugins
  6. Create content periodically
  7. Develop your network with other bloggers

By investing yourself regularly in producing on your site and promoting on social media, after a few months you can start to gain traffic and set up monetization strategies.

Also, do not hesitate to consult this guide to learn how to create your website yourself. You will find it useful for all of the online business ideas that follow.

2.Freelance content writing

With millions of sites out there on the net, online written content creators are in huge demand right now. If you are good at storytelling and enjoy writing, you can use these skills to build a freelance copywriting online business.

Why is web copywriting a good idea for an online business?

If the articles you produce start to appeal and traffic increases, you can take the next step: recruiting to outsource editorial staff and devote more time to entrepreneurship.

Do not hesitate to register on freelancer platforms like Fiverr.

You can find clients there and start writing for them by billing by word count.

Depending on the subjects and the level of technicality required, you can reach amounts of € 100 per 1000 words. (I did it myself and with the expertise, you can earn much more)

Also, web writing is an activity that arms you with skills useful in other online business niches, particularly presented in this article.

How to get started in web writing?

The best way to become a great web copywriter is to develop the habit of reading regularly… Read a lot. Identify the topics that interest you the most. You will naturally be a very good candidate to write on it.

  • What are your current skills?
  • What do you like to do?

Also, write a list of your passions and interests and then develop your writing skills by committing to writing every day. At first, you will experience some difficulty, but with practice, you will certainly improve.

To successfully start this online business idea, you need to:

  1. Learn or take training in blogging, copywriting, writing in general.
  2. Pick a topic you are going to write about (a niche) and study it.
  3. Target the right companies to prospect
  4. Create a blog (bonus step)
  5. Contact marketing and content creation agencies to promote your offer
  6. create your profiles on freelance platforms like fiver, Upwork.

To boost your value proposition, I strongly recommend that you take web writing (SEO) training.

3.Start a podcast on one of your passions

Podcasting is a more interactive and much less competitive content creation system than blogging. That’s why this is an opportunity right now.

Why is podcasting a good idea for an online business?

Many podcasters started with passion and eventually grew their audience until they monetized and created real traction around their topics. Some popular podcasters can even earn $ 25-40 for every 1000 people who listen to them not counting affiliate income.

Additionally, podcast audiences continue to grow exponentially across the globe.

The ideas are numerous and if your content is interesting… You will be able to monetize with sponsors, via affiliate programs, or even pay episodes.

How to become a podcaster?

  1. Choose your topic and make an episode title plan
  2. Select a name that makes you want to listen (example: startup podcast, Tech meeting, etc.)
  3. Create your design (cheap on Fiverr)
  4. Write a compelling description
  5. Buy recording and editing equipment
  6. Choose a podcast host
  • Buzzsprout
  • Captivate
  • Transistor
  • Simplecast
  • Podbeans
  • Castos
  1. Record your episodes
  2. Submit them to dedicated platforms (Spotify …)
  3. Promote and monetize

The most important thing is to choose a topic that you like to discuss, that you are passionate about and that may interest other people:

Ideally, a niche where you could create at least 100 episodes.

It can be a comedy, politics and news, general culture, history, medicine, finance, golden retriever training …

The initial investment is minimal: a good microphone, recording software and you are good to go.

Later, you can acquire more complex equipment as you progress.

4.Become an Affiliate Marketing Pro

Affiliate Marketing is all about earning a commission by selling business products or services through YouTube, social media, your podcast, email list, or blog (or even all 3 at the same time).

Why get into affiliate marketing?

The advantage is that you don’t have to create the product.

You can simply join an affiliate program (like Amazon’s for example) and recommend a product that can serve your audience.

However, you must learn to create a real link with the audience that follows you AND ESPECIALLY not to try to sell them everything at all costs.

Try to help people by recommending a product that you would use yourself that would be helpful to them.

How to do affiliate marketing?

  1. Find a product you want to promote
  2. Search with the product name “affiliate program”
  3. Create the partnership when it exists
  4. Promote the link communicated by advising people who need it (your blog, social networks, YouTube, by telephone prospecting, etc.)
  5. If they buy and you made a good recommendation, you earn a commission

I do it myself via my resource page for those interested and in particular in this article.

The golden rule: Recommend the best products for each context, otherwise your affiliate marketing project will not survive in the long run.

5.Create a virtual assistance business

The increase in the number of online entrepreneurs has created a growing need for virtual assistance. The VA (virtual assistant) provides support in teleworking and assists the entrepreneur in his growth.

Why become a virtual assistant?

The virtual assistance market is growing rapidly and could reach up to $ 12,383 billion in 2024 according to PRNewswire … With the digitalization of the economy and the growing social distancing, there is a good chance that it becomes even more democratized than expected.

If you are a productive person, you will be able to find your first customers quite quickly on one of these platforms.

You will be able to land missions, gain experience and income and then, why not, start outsourcing needs, when you have made a name for yourself.

How to launch your virtual assistance business?

The advantage is that you can start your virtual assistant business without investing heavily out of your pocket.

The virtual assistant can perform tasks ranging from managing the schedule, corporate social networks, delivering coffee or organizing business trips, etc.

  1. Determine your targets (which blogger niche for example)
  2. The first thing to do is to create a list of the services that you would like to offer
    1. Social media management
    2. Blog administration
    3. Organization of trips/timetable
    4. Telephone reception
    5. Excel input
    6. ….
  3. Choose your business name
  4. Set your prices
  5. Prospect new clients and make them referrals
  6. Follow specific ongoing training

You can use your organizational skills to help entrepreneurs and freelancers better organize their administrative and day-to-day work. Effective project management software can prove to be a very worthwhile investment in this case.

6.Get started with infographic design

A picture is worth a thousand words… Today we increasingly use graphics to convey our messages. Whether you are a business, an advertiser, or in the public sector, the demand for web illustration is booming.

Why is graphic design a good idea for an online business?

It can be very lucrative if you become passionate about it and work hard in designing some high-demand niche products. Even though the competition can be fierce, it’s up to you to choose the right business strategy to find a winning position.

There are always creative needs… The most common are:

  • Definition of brand strategy
  • Logo design
  • Web design
  • Design for social networks
  • Animation
  • Brochures
  • Infographics …

Whether it is to start your full-time or to make this activity a source of additional income, starting a graphic design business is a profitable business idea with a future.

How to get started in graphic design?

The first thing to do is to cultivate this design skill through reference graphic design software. It may be interesting to take training on a platform like Udemy to improve your skills.

To be successful in the computer graphics business, I recommend the following steps:

  1. Train weekly
  2. Create your creative portfolio
  3. Join the community of graphic designers (blogs, newsletter …)
  4. Register in freelance platforms like Fiverr
  5. Start your blog to showcase your work
  6. Prospect, produce, repeat

Once your portfolio (catalog of creations/brochures) is ready, you will need to create a commercial action plan and go find your customers.

7.Getting into e-retail

The e-commerce industry is measured in the hundreds of billions of dollars in 2020 and the current context means that its growth will continue to accelerate.

Why is e-commerce a good idea for an online business?

You can now resell your creations on Amazon, Shopify, or by creating your website.

Starting an e-commerce business can also be very profitable. In particular, if you can identify a market segment that does not receive a dedicated offer.

Even if starting up in e-commerce may require starting capital (to build up a stock and set up its platform). This business model is sustainable because there is always a demand for mass consumer goods.

How to get started in e-commerce?

The most important thing is once again to target a niche, especially at a start-up. This one can be the child, the big sizes, the businessman… the construction companies, the lawyers, liberal professions…

To implement this online business idea, I recommend the following steps:

  1. Choose your business model (dropshipping, own stock, etc.)
  2. Create your site or work with an existing delivery platform
  3. Target first then choose the product
  4. Source your supplier
  5. Create your brand
  6. Market your products and attract customers

The profitability between wholesale and retail buying is very interesting. Also, by expanding, you will be able to increase the profitability of your business.

Platforms like Shopify have made it possible to create your online business. If you are interested in this adventure, invite you to consult their guide to creating e-commerce businesses.

8.Become an investor in the stock markets

Interested in the quick gain, thousands of individuals are entering into online trading. Market finance is not a simple business and for this reason 90% of people who start end up losing their money. And the remaining 10%?

Why get into online trading?

Today, there are many tools for trading in the financial markets, whereas in the past it was reserved for the financial elite.

If you are interested in economic and financial news, you want to invest in understanding the markets and be ready to train … This is a real opportunity to earn income.

The most passionate even manage to become a full-time trader and generate extremely interesting income.

How to get started in online trading

To implement this online business idea, I recommend the following steps:

  • Check that this is the right strategy given your background and get started in this business
  • Take specialized training in trading recognized by business schools such as Newtrading.com
  • Choose a trading platform
  • Inform yourself regularly about your market
  • Plan your strategy and stick to it

It should not be forgotten that even the best investors cannot anticipate every move and those who do best are the ones who gain a lot and lose a little.

Starting your adventure in finance, gaining experience can also open the doors of training to resell your expertise at a high price.

9.Start an online training business

E-learning is one of the hottest profitable businesses of our time. Whether in the kitchen, entrepreneurship, marketing, and so on, you will always find a specialist (more or less qualified) to help you develop your skills.

Why create an e-learning business?

Forbes estimates that the e-learning market is expected to reach over $ 270 billion in 2022.

Online training is a real revolution in our education and pedagogy system.

Today, we no longer consider so much to register or take vocational training at a university when we want to improve skills, most often, we are moving towards e-learning.

If you doubt it, I invite you to discover the success of platforms like LinkedIn Learning or Udemy.

J ‘myself have invested in various online training, and I have rarely regretted my choice. The return on investment was present 9  times out of 10.

Indeed, e-learning trainers are often people passionate about their field and who have invested a colossal amount of time in mastering a skill.

How to create an e-learning business?

I recommend that you start by finding the subject that you master the most and that you are passionate about. Make a list: do you play a musical instrument? Are you a good copywriter? Graphic designer? What are we complimenting you on?

To implement this online business idea, I recommend the following steps:

  1. Choose your industry, and the training content adapted to your target
  2. Look for their need and their difficulties on the subject
  3. Check the viability of your project (are there training courses, similar books)
  4. Test the title of your training with your audience
  5. Create your online training on an e-learning platform or via your means (I prefer the second option and the guides are numerous)
  6. Set up a sales funnel
  7. Market and promote your product

If your training brings real added value to your students, you will see that they will recommend you.

10.Get into IT development

The demand for IT development is growing in double digits and forecasts indicate that the phenomenon is expected to continue until 2024. It may seem challenging, but with the right strategy, this business idea will pay off.

Why get into IT development?

You don’t have to be a renowned programmer to create a software development start-up. Even without a technical background, you can take training to learn the fundamentals, or even hire a developer to create your software.

Indeed, the idea of ​​software or application is here more important than the skills of computer programming. What problem does it solve and for what target?

Software as a service (SaaS) is also a model that continues to prove its worth, whether on a mobile platform or a workstation … It creates regular income.

These are for example CRMs and other applications accessible from a website.

How to get started in software development?

If you are already a programmer, you know the business and you can skip the next two paragraphs.

In case you are not one, you will need to start first with acquiring quality computer programming training.

You can go to a platform like Udemy, Bootcamp coding (to learn quickly and well) or find yourself a mentor. Gaining your first experience later as a freelance IT developer can allow you to sharpen your skills while being paid by telecommuting.

To implement this online business idea, I recommend the following steps:

  • Identify a problem, a difficulty with your target
  • Describe how your application solves this challenge
  • Carry out a market study to understand if there is a fit with your target
  • Start programming and create your product
  • Beta test and market it

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the online business ideas that pay off

The most profitable online business ideas are training, selling digital products, blogging, freelancing, and e-commerce. Good management and regular investment are the common denominators of success.

What business idea on the internet to choose when you have no capital?

If you don’t know what to get into: take stock of your current skills to choose a niche and start blogging. Your blog will always be useful, regardless of your transition choice.

How to start an online business?

Go over the different business ideas that exist, make a choice, and get started. The best way to start is to take action.

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