Major content marketing trends in 2021

When it comes to content marketing, approaches are changing very quickly. Also, it is not surprising that in 2021, new trends are emerging.

Yes, to get closer to their customers, brands will create ever more targeted content. Likewise, they will seek to generate more commitment. But how are they going to achieve these goals?

To answer this question, here is a small overview of what content marketing should look like in 2021 through the presentation of 17 strong trends.

1. The windfall of augmented reality

Content marketers all agree on one point: augmented reality will become a powerful traffic-generating windfall.

No need to travel, Internet users can now try their next pair of glasses in real-time or view their future interior decoration.

2. Influencer marketing

92% of buyers trust a recommendation from an influencer and the trend is increasing.

Many brands are now using influencers to boost their sales and now prioritize quality over quantity. It is important to choose the person who will represent the image of your brand through the networks.

The good trick

For an effective content marketing strategy, start by defining your target audience, and then choose the social media platforms your audience spends the most time on. Then, reach out to the most trusted influencers who are most in line with your brand identity.
Together, create a lot of content: contests, videos, quizzes… and follow the results of your campaigns to ensure that the investment is profitable.

3. AI-based content marketing strategy

Artificial intelligence takes an important place in the way we will design our next content. Search algorithms are becoming more and more insightful and ultimately they will influence your editorial strategy.

Did you know?

This is particularly the case with the Google RankBrain algorithm which consists of interpreting Internet users’ requests to optimize search results. Its goal is to provide an optimal user experience.

How to meet the requirements of AI? By performing a relevant semantic analysis and writing quality content.

4. Evermore breathtaking visual content

While they were once reserved for entertainment, dynamic and interactive photos are increasingly used for communication purposes.

In 2021, the visuals will be more beautiful than ever. It must be said that between Instagram, YouTube, or Snapchat, three of the most popular platforms on the web, there will be something to target a large audience.

Platforms are also responsible for this trend since they are constantly acquiring new features to create ever more fun visuals. Filters and augmented reality functions should therefore boost creativity in 2021.

For your information, note that many specialists believe that in 2021, it is on the Tik Tok platform that brands should be present.

5. The explosion of user-generated content

For some time now, brands have understood that user-generated content is a great way to promote themselves to the public.

It must be said that potential customers often have much more confidence in what other brand customers can tell them than the brand itself. A recent marketing survey conducted in the United States found that 90% of buyers were more sensitive to user-generated content than to traditional advertising.

You should then understand a little better why certain brands “abandon” their communication to their customers by publishing the content that they have created on their site or their YouTube platform, for example.

6. AI to create marketing content

What could be more effective to respond to the Artificial Intelligence of a research algorithm than another robot? Many brands are already using Artificial Intelligence software to generate their marketing content.

This is the case of the Cosabella lingerie brand, which has entrusted the management of its content, its emails, its presence on social networks to an AI engine named Albert.

Still, it lacks the creativity and feelings of human-written content, but until when?

7. Always more video storytelling

Already since video content occupied a central place in any content marketing strategy in 2019, it should be strengthened in 2021.

However, making a video to make a video is out of the question. Thus, whether it is on the graphic level or the level of the narration, everything must be thought out to delight the Internet user and to invite him to engage.

It is in this sense that setting up storytelling is essential. As a reminder, storytelling should help the person watching your video experience emotions and identify with the character. If so, the message will be remembered better and the chances of conversion will be higher.

8. Voice search, a new challenge for content marketing

Internet and mobile users are more and more enthusiastic about voice search and audio content.

If you want to ride this trend you will need to optimize your website and adapt your SEO strategy to meet the demands of voice searches.

In terms of content, you will need to integrate audio formats and focus on the words used, even in your articles and advertisements.

9. The podcast changes ambitions

In order to create quality content, many brands should move towards podcasting in 2021.

This audio format will come to thwart social networks which, according to some experts, have contributed to “generate a kind of intellectual pollution”.

Yes, washed out by an overflow of information, a growing number of Internet users have already turned to audio “with a need for background, intellectualization, learning”. And this should become even more pronounced in 2021.

Also, do not hesitate to offer podcasts to your target, they should appreciate the effort.

10. Evermore personalized content

Today it’s no longer a surprise when you see your first and last name in an email.

This little touch of personalization is widely used, but even if it always pleases the consumer, it is no longer sufficient for a brand.

You must provide precise and personalized answers to your audience.

To achieve this, you can take the example of Netflix, which offers and recommends movies and series based on what the user has watched. Amazon is also an expert in content personalization.

For your part, you will have to choose the right criteria to segment your audience and deliver your content to the right people at the right time.

11. Data analysis becomes more complex

Who says more elaborate content says the more complex analysis.

For 2021 you will have to go beyond the simple number of page views or conversion rate. In addition to the traffic generated, you should try to analyze:

  • The click rate on a title to define its performance
  • The depth of the scroll to know if your content has been read to the end
  • The degree of involvement of your readers, consumers, etc.

In the case of articles, if you have several authors do not hesitate to make comparisons to determine which one is the most requested by the readership.

12. Snack content gives way to longer content

There was a time when snack content was trendy because it was suitable for distribution on social networks.

But times are changing, Internet users’ expectations and Google’s SEO criteria are changing. Everyone wants quality content from trusted sources.


This doesn’t mean you need to stop producing short content, but rather that you need to build longer forms of content into your strategy.

study conducted by BuzzSumo also revealed that long articles were more shared on social networks. So don’t be afraid to hit 2000 words!

Keep in mind, however, that your information must remain useful and of high quality. It will be through these efforts that you will be an authority.

13. Authenticity is essential

study by PwC revealed the importance of consumers’ trust in a brand in their purchasing decisions.

Whatever interactions you have with your audience, online or in person, they should be contributing positively to your brand.

More than ever, you need to be honest and genuine in your communication. This will allow you to attract customers who want to be by your side and who will contribute to the success of your brand.

14. Webinars

Nothing like a webinar to boost your content marketing, it drives your audience’s conversion and is extremely profitable.

Not only will they allow you to transmit information and ideas to a target audience, but they are an opportunity to collect a large number of leads through registration forms.

Another advantage of the webinar is that it costs a lot more than a seminar!

15. Aim for Featured Snippets

It is a position coveted by all and to wait for it your content marketing must meet several criteria.

In 2021, Google’s main criterion will be, even more than in previous years, focused on the user experience within particular the implementation of essential Web Signals (Core Web Vitals) which can be summed up by an improvement in interactivity, loading speed, and visual stability of the pages.

So not only will your content marketing have to respond clearly to the search intent of Internet users, but it will have to provide an optimal browsing experience.

16. Mapping of customer journeys

Mapping digital customer journeys is one of the trends that will continue to develop in 2021. Widely used in the B2B sector, it brings many benefits for your content marketing.

The good trick

Customer journey mapping allows you to know where your customers come from, by which path they buy your products, how they subscribe. Customer journey mapping will thus highlight the points of your marketing content to work on and those that work.
For example, when a customer finds himself blocked on your site, he will consult the FAQ or the help center, which means that there are improvements to be made to your website.

17. Social networks still important

2020 saw the number of users of social networks jump, they are now more than 4 billion Internet users surfing on these platforms.

Social networks not only allow you to interact with your audience for free, but it also gives you space where your content can be shared by others and reach new people.

Here are some upcoming social media trends in 2021:

  • Digital disinformation: in 2021, brands are committing to fight against “fakes news”.
  • Socially responsible publications: next year, your content on social networks will be ethical or not!
  • Social gaming: video games were booming and communities are a priority target in 2021.
  • Memes: creative, quirky, and humorous, memes are those devious and personalized images that invade social networks.

They are also a great way to build awareness of your brand.

In 2021, your content marketing strategy should leave nothing to chance if you want to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

You will probably have to personalize certain content so that it best meets your customers’ expectations. Now it’s up to you to take these different trends into account and adapt them so that your brand shines in 2021.

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