What visibility strategy does the influencer blogger offer to brands?

In terms of influencer marketing, several profiles can be used, including influencer bloggers. In the first place, we have the influencers who use Instagram and further the YouTubers. All of these profiles are perfect prescribers for brands.

Instagram, the blog and YouTube are the main channels where influencers work, and each of them does not require the same work and the equal involvement to stand out. If it is difficult today to break into Instagram, it is still strange in parallel, to name influencers a mass of people spending their time to take pictures in all the seams.

They do not offer anything concrete and rely on their physics! Until then, nothing original or creative. Knowing the right settings of your smartphone and (when it is) having a beautiful panorama, will be enough for them to surf on marketing influence. I’m not talking about real creatives who know how to use a camera and the conditions required to achieve a result, but often these people are unfortunately in the shadows.

As for the bloggers and YouTubers, you have to work a little and know how to edit video for some and write for others. 2 disciplines that are not within reach of everyone but reflect a real work of substance and watch in most cases. When most people want to have everything quickly, it’s not the channels they’re aiming for!

Let’s focus on the influencer blogger to see the benefits he offers to brands.

The influencer blogger

The influencer blogger has several strings to his bow (or should) to emerge from the blogosphere. His influence he owes to his work and his perseverance that highlight expertise acquired over time. It usually delivers relevant content for a well-defined target.

If he masters the basics of SEO, he will have a clear advantage to improve its positioning on search engines. It will work on different sources of web traffic, including organic, which is related to queries entered by Internet users. With patience, he will reach the right positions and traffic that will allow him to monetize his blog/audience.

If we’re talking mostly about community for YouTubers or Instagramers, we’ll talk about unique visitors to bloggers. This point reflects the audience who will become aware of its content, and this audience is renewed month after month in comparison to the communities attached to social networks.

Of course, the influencer blogger is also present on social networks and also has an audience on these channels. This adds to his direct audience on the blog.

When a brand is about to work with an influencer blogger, it’s the number of unique visitors that will often come in which is entirely related to the size of the community.

The goal being for the brand, to reach a broadest possible audience for an optimum ROI. The levers often worked by the brands with the influencer blogger are the sponsored articles but not that.

The benefits of influencer blogger for brands

In terms of influence marketing, the blog usually comes second after Instagram. It has serious assets to be part of your campaigns.

For many years we have predicted here and there, the disappearance of blogs! And yet they are still there.

When we say that content is king, it is clear that from a strategic point of view, the blog/site is often the starting point. It is the channel where the content is hosted for later sharing on social networks but also and especially to go back to Google positions.

So the advantage of the blog compared to social networks is the life as long as it remains in the top 3 Google linked to the keyword retained. On the other hand, an Instagram post will disappear very quickly in the news feed. We speak now of operations “push” for the brands … which in the process pay the price! The publication will remain about one day visible within the influencer’s thread, or until he posts another photo.

Very short-term visibility, if it is related to what costs a photo on Instagram with a macro-influencer.

It’s, of course, beneficial if the results are there, but not all brands can afford to go through big influencers on Instagram. Also, some brands are not intended to be relayed on this social network. So it is there and in addition to Instagram that comes bloggers influencers.

Let’s list some advantages and then detail them:

  • An explicit editorial about the product/service
  • The possibility of adding video (short or long)
  • Sharing content on social networks
  • Content positioning on Google and its life
  • The newsletter
  • The cost of operations

1. The editorial

The writing of an article can be more or less long. As a result, it can largely be explained in terms of the description of any product or service. When it comes to a tool, it is easier to write a step-by-step guide for its use. Writing is also how it will be possible to position the content on the search engines.

2. Insert video in the article

The interest of a blog article is that you can add video or sound or images. To support its editorial, we can add a video that will have the nature of presenting a product or service succinctly, to provide additional information or to guide the user as a tutorial.

3. Sharing content on social networks

Social networks are complementary to the blog; the latter is not considered as such. The advantage here is that the audience on social networks comes to expand the visibility of the article. The majority of readers of a blog is renewed because of requests entered by users on Google.

As for the community, it is more or less acquired on social networks. On a blog, it is more volatile because it is primarily composed of people seeking “punctual” information.

Nevertheless, a blog supported by a robust social presence is still a considerable asset for brands. To this, we can also add the newsletter as we will see below.

4. Content positioning on Google

Should we remember that a proper positioning on Google allows a publisher, a brand or any company to offer a better life to its content? This also makes it possible to make oneself visible over long months at a lower cost. Indeed it is not concluded between an influencer blogger and a brand, a positioning. But if the influencer blogger is working on the optimization of its content, it’s already a big plus for brands.

Also, an article on a blog offers more extended visibility than an Instagram post if you negotiate the social sharing part. An essay can reprogram itself, be updated or be reworked to gain places on Google. On this subject, the blog post should still have a bright future ahead of him

5. The newsletter

The newsletter represents another point of negotiation between influencer bloggers and brands. When a blogger builds an audience, he/she is loyal to in a newsletter; it allows me to work on a comprehensive partnership. A sponsored article can be recalled within the newsletter, as an advertising insert can be negotiated. Offer a promo coupon, an appointment for a webinar etc.

The Getfluence platform also offers the newsletter as a complementary lever to an influencing action led by bloggers.

6. The cost of operations

Although the blogger influencer mainly passes by sponsored articles or content relayed on his blog, his prices are relatively controlled. A sponsored article costs on average 300 € to 1500 € to see more according to the notoriety of the blog, its target and its thematic.

We are quite far from operations on Instagram, where it is just a question of one or more photos. The advantage here is the ability to use several bloggers at a lower cost.

The other point to check is also the frequency of publication to anticipate the visibility of its sponsored article. If a blog has several hundred thousand subscribers and publishes more than five articles a day, how will a sponsored article be in the middle of all this?

The other side of the coin with prominent bloggers is the frequency of publication!

The audience of a sponsored article broadcast in the middle of 5 other posts (see more) published in the same day, can be cannibalized by that acquired from one of the other posts.

Result! Your article will be little visible and will be quickly forgotten at this frequency of publication if it is not positioned.

Influencer blogger strategy to attract brands

An influencer blogger with all its advantages has every interest in valuing its approach with brands. By counting on its audience, its social presence, its newsletter and a publication frequency-controlled, it can bring visibility at lower costs.

This is why we should not rely too much on audience figures, CF, TF etc … that do not always reflect the reality. An editorial or weak offline subject can be fatal; a well-worked matter can be quite buoyant.

So with a price between 300 € and 1500 € according to the nature of the blogs, you will always have a successful operation with the possibility of updating it.

It is also possible to work on several articles with the same blog to establish its position.

Do not hesitate to ask the media kit of influencer bloggers, with some concrete examples to situate you in your operations.

In conclusion

Applying to one or more influencer bloggers for its influence marketing campaigns is essential, even in addition to Instagram, YouTube etc. By working on the visibility, we benefit from the social networks of the blogger but also from his newsletter and know-how in SEO that allows you to position yourself.

Proper positioning is also an ROI that extends and builds an image, a reputation. Also, the links inserted in a post will give you better positioning on Google. Put together; the blogger should be a lever that persists over the years. If he is withdrawn vis-à-vis Instagram, we must also look at the work it represents to keep a blog and feed it regularly.

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