So you use Micro Moments effectively through snackable content

Anyone who recognizes Micro Moments and assigns them correctly can respond optimally to the needs of their customers. But what exactly are micro moments?

In a fast-moving and mobile age, where every potential customer is likely to be a smartphone user, every “little moment” has to be captured and used literally. Being exposed to the constant flow of information and the millions of possibilities means having different needs in the digital age. These seemingly individual needs, which are similar in some ways, can be content marketers respond successfully by identifying micro-moments and quickly and effectively use snack-able content to attract customers. How this works and what is behind these terms, you will find out below.

Micro-Moments – What’s behind the trend concept?

Micro-Moments refers to the little every day “quick-something-googling-moments” that every smartphone user knows. Google itself uses the term and shows in a video different situational examples of micro-moments, such as the quick search, the nearest hair salon or after a hard day’s work to look for beautiful holiday destinations. So, in short, micro-moments are our daily “search needs” that arise from the individual situation and should be quickly and quickly breastfed.

There are four different types of micro-moments:

  • information moments (“Who has become the table winner?”)
  • decision moments (“Where are good burgers in XY?”)
  • moments of action (“How do I set up the shelf of the XY brand?”)
  • Buying moments (“I need a new winter jacket!”)

These distinctions are essential to respond appropriately to the particular need. However, these are by no means strictly delineated categories, because the need can be multi-layered and allow several types of micro-moments to emerge simultaneously.

For example, “I want to know where delicious burgers are and by the way, buy me a new pan online while I search for information on the ingredients of the vegan burgers that are available in store XY.” (Combination of Information, Decision -, and buying moments)

Provide snackable content

As a tasty snack in between, the snackable content should be nutritious and complementary to the actual “main meal”. As the name suggests, this is content that is quickly consumed on the side. That means he should meet the following criteria:

  • be up to date
  • be optimized for mobile devices
  • be short and crisp (read/see recording time under one minute, depending on format/channel even just a few seconds)
  • Social media-ready (stand out from the crowd)

Depending on what micro-moments you have identified for your business/product, there are various forms of snack-able content to respond appropriately to your customers’ micro-moments.

Snackable content can be in

  • Text, (e.g. tweets, teasers, postings)
  • visual, (e.g. Infographic, Memes, GIFs)
  • Audio, (e.g. short info podcast, voice recordings)
  • and audiovisual form (e.g. short clips, info videos, Instagram stories)

be used.

However, for all the micro-moments above, your website must be search engine-optimized and have the resulting high visibility to meet the most significant success factor of being fast. The best snackable content does not work if it is not directly visible and easy to find. 

In the following examples, you can see how to provide snackable content and use Micro-Moments effectively to win customers. You can inspire and orient yourself for your campaign:

Case 1: Winter coat

You own a well-functioning online shop with high visibility. The micro-moments of your customers are mainly buying moments, but also the information and decision moments could be exciting for you to trigger a profitable buying moment.

One way to provide snackable content would be to use the social media channels of your online store. Via Twitter, Instagram & Co, you can, for example, post short care instructions in the form of an infographic to satisfy the information needs of the user. These care instructions would also be conceivable in the form of a video built into your website. With a bit of luck, they could be selected as Featured Snippets by Google and then hit the user in the top position of the search queries (position zero). Funny imagery that makes your coats stand out from the mass of social media, for example, through creative staging, also lends itself to this. The main goal is to win customers and traffic, but with the needs of the users and a pleasant customer journey in mind.

Case 2: Garden Trends

You own a search engine optimized website with pictures of the most beautiful gardens and also provide information on current garden trends. The micro-moments of your customers are information, decision-making and action moments. Your client might be interested in learning about gardens in general, decide to set up a garden yourself with your guidance, or you may be anxious to find the most beautiful gardens in the area, to explore them in the future,

Your main goal is to generate traffic for your website or blog. By making images a central part of your website, it’s possible to use them on different social media platforms and combine them with the latest trends. With a text-image format, users can quickly satisfy the need for information and, if interested, make references to your website or blog. Also, in this example are short information clips and instructions.

For which platform or what type of snackable content you ultimately decide, it does not matter, it should only be tailored to your product/company and enrich it. Avoid advertising and keyword stuffing. Despite the short text form, the right balance in choosing keywords is essential. The potential customer should be offered an entire customer journey that captivates with its unique, fast and up-to-date content.


In summary, you should, therefore, remember: recognize important micro-moments, select appropriate platforms (social media, website), react with short and current content to needs and work search engine and mobile-optimized.

These tips and the two case studies will hopefully help you generate ideas and inspiration to create your snackable content, while also responding to your users’ micro-moments. With good and matching content at the right time, you will be able to generate traffic successfully and, at best, conversions or leads.

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