Yellow spirit tremendous! Seven reasons why “Do you remember?” On Snapchat

Snapchat is dead? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Thomas Weigel from “Do you remember?” Knows why you should keep an eye on the yellow spirit.

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The online world is fast-paced. Considerable hype often means: Great is the danger that it will be over quickly. From Snapchat one hears this, at the latest since Facebook the story function quasi copied and on Instagram, WhatsApp and also Facebook implemented, again and again. When I tell you that we are now also represented on Snapchat with our media brand “Do you remember?”, Many of them look at me in disbelief: “Is not this platform on the way down?” Is the most frequently heard question. Should not you prefer to focus on the most popular and most extensive networks, that is Facebook, YouTube and Instagram? Better not, because we have found good arguments, with “Do you remember?” Also on Snapchat to start. Other brands should even think twice about the following seven reasons.

1. Snapchat thrilled millions of users and their number is increasing

Snapchat is often considered a niche network. Around 190 million users are one of the largest social networks in the world. In recent years, the platform had to contend with the yellow mind with declining user numbers. In the first quarterly report 2019, however, the company was again able to announce an increasing number of members. Meanwhile, Snapchat has 6 million daily active members in Germany. In the future, the platform plans to design various content to make the application increasingly attractive to an older target group. Conversely, this means that there is an excellent potential for growth for a broad target group that is currently not represented on Snapchat at all.

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2. Snapchat users are more active than on other platforms

Sure: There are significantly larger social networks than Snapchat. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and WeChat are the undisputed top dogs, according to Statista, Twitter also has more monthly active users than the platform with the yellow spirit. However, one finds: The activity of users here is significantly higher than many other platforms, the average useful life of 30 minutes can be seen. Many users use Snapchat as a messenger and a kind of creative kit for in-app creations with stickers, filters or AR elements. Snapchat does not always share the resulting works – they often find their way onto other platforms such as Instagram.

3. The classic newsfeed is in crisis

The everlasting revisions of the algorithm have left their mark on Facebook in particular. When I scroll through my newsfeed, I see a lot of content. However, the least part of it consists of “news” in the traditional sense. It was said earlier; the newsfeed would replace traditional news channels one day, one notes today: As a source of news, Facebook and Co. are only partially suitable. Often we are shown content that is already outdated – this is particularly noticeable in the daily news. Also, there has been a decline in the personal story over the past few years – users are increasingly sharing content in private and not on the whiteboard with all their contacts. The social networks are thus affected by the changed user behaviour. Snapchat does not require a newsfeed and therefore, does not run the risk of outdated news having a slightly dusty impression of the platform.

Do you still know? Season 1 at Snapchat, © Do you remember?

4. Brands benefit from a simple reach setup

Especially smaller and younger companies will know the problem: Reach building on Instagram, Facebook and Co. is not a matter of course, but takes a lot of effort, time and a bit of luck. Regular follower growth practices such as liking and commenting on posts or targeted user tracking can not be transferred to Snapchat. In the “Discover” section of the app, users receive interesting content finds. These are curated by the platform – an essential opportunity for brands to be shown to users without them actively looking for the company. Another advantage: Snapchat’s affiliate program allows you to monetize your posts automatically – so social media activity can also be used to earn money.

5. Snapchat users grow up with the brands

Nearly 90 per cent of Snapchat users are younger than 35. This makes the platform especially interesting for companies with a very young target group. Also practical for brands: If the target group comes into contact with the brand at an early stage, it naturally grows with it. The content on Snapchat should, therefore, be tailored to this audience. Specifically, this means, for example, “Do you still know?” That our posts on this platform differ from our other content on Instagram or Facebook and should be understood by younger users as far as possible.

Do you still know? Offers content that is mainly perceived by younger, © Do you remember?

6. Nowhere is the expertise for AR greater

Augmented reality applications are one of the essential features of the platform. Although fun filters for cat ears or changed minded people provide entertainment, this technology is no longer just for playthings, but also has enormous potential for marketing. So in the future, we will be able to try on shoes, clothes or jewellery, try hairstyles or try out other products. Thus, the line between digital entertainment and everyday reality fuses. Snapchat is a kind of hybrid medium that offers a new way of interacting with brands as well as entertainment in between, as with our “Do you know?” Channel. From a marketing point of view, the platform is highly attractive due to this mix. Furthermore:

Snapchat already has several years of experience with this technology, Facebook is only just at the beginning, and it is questionable whether they will ever overtake Snapchat.

7. The journey continues, and many potentials have not yet been exhausted

The platform is already working to position itself well for the future. A better publisher management system is in planning; possibilities have been significantly simplified since the last few months. The future also promises to be exciting. In the spring, Samsung launched the first high-end TV for smartphone movies – well, these devices may become the standard in a few years, and Snapchat thus leaves the original smartphone environment. It is likely that the app, with its innovative power in these new technologies, would be one of the pioneers. The future promises much – and so far, it is hard to see what potential in the application with the yellow mind still dormant. A renaissance of Snapchat is more than likely – for us an important reason to start with “Do you remember?” On this platform.

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