Why authentic marketing will be the future

Casey Neistat, with 11,5 million subscribers, is one of the best-known YouTubers in the world. Over two years, he created a Vlog (video blog) every day. He has earned millions and works with the biggest brands in the world. In September 2016, his Youtube channel reached one billion views.

Imagine this: a video every day – and millions of people are looking at what your life looks like. (For some, that may be a dream, I find the idea rather scary).

When, by chance, a few months ago (yes, just a few months ago, I live on the moon) became aware of one of his videos, I could not explain it at first: Why the hell are millions of people looking for a person’s reasonably “normal” life at? Why are you watching him pull out packages, drive his booster board through New York, take a shower on the plane, or play with his child? Why does he always wear sunglasses?

2 hours later, I was still watching.

And yes, I was hooked.

Because he is not only a very talented video producer but also a pretty good storyteller. He somehow always manages to know how to proceed absolutely. And that day by day.

And after a few episodes, you start to really like him. He’s a mix of the crazy professor, playboy, and businessman.

And he looks totally authentic. So after a few episodes, you get the impression of watching a good friend’s life.

The power of a single person

Some become famous because they are continually getting nude. Some, because they look beautiful and have a lifestyle that others want. Some, because they are quite stupid (or stupid – but already-intelligent). Casey Neistat is famous for being authentic and very entertaining.

Do not worry, you do not have to go to the camera every day, log every day, and wear your whole life outside. Can you, of course, but I do not want to go beyond that.

What I find amazing is the power that a single person can have today! Not a company with millions of dollars – but an only person.

  • Grab a camera, and you can reach billions of people (Casey Neistat).
  • Write great lyrics, and you can cast millions of readers under your spell. Not even your website needs to be very pretty (see Seth Godin ).
  • Get a microphone, make a podcast, and thousands of people listen to what you have to say.

It’s just unbelievable what a human being can do today – with little to no cost.

The flip side though is that whatever is available to you, is open to everyone else out there.

And with that, we come to the goldfish.

The attention span of a goldfish. Blubb.

WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TV, Youtube, phone, Snapchat, emails, websites, radio – there is always something flashing, flashing, or other sounds on.

I do not want to get the old cliché “sooner everything was better” from the dusty corner. But some things were more natural. I’ve learned that it’s enough for a company to have a unique sales advantage (USP). Then a smart strategy, peppered with many (often loud) marketing messages and so a company became known.

That does not work anymore today. There are just too many companies competing for attention.

The most crucial marketing currency today is attention. And that at all costs.

But humans are only partially receptive. For example, reading this text is almost a miracle – with millions of websites out there. (Thanks, by the way, I am thrilled!).

A few naked numbers?

  • You have 3 seconds to get most of your website off
  • 80% of all texts are only flown over
  • Most books are never finished
  • Every day 10,000 advertisements pounce on us

Our attention span drops rapidly (8 seconds) and is even lower than that of a goldfish (9 seconds).

And you’re somewhere in all this madness. And rightly so, ask yourself: how am I supposed to be heard out there? How do I finally become visible?

My answer is: with patience, passion, hard work, and authentic marketing.

Authentic Marketing: Your personality as a unique selling point

Trust. That’s what you should definitely focus on.

Put yourself in the shoes of your client: he is confronted with thousands of messages every day. Everyone is vying for his attention.

So as not to get bogged down or over-snapped, your customer has to select very sharply and critically. A lousy email at the wrong time? Canceled. Is the text not helpful quickly? Click and away. He does not feel addressed? Path. Are the statements too complicated and sophisticated? And goodbye.

If you are just an anonymous company, you are quickly away from the window. Especially if you do not have a huge marketing budget.

But what you can really score with is your personality and your authenticity.  That’s your most significant advantage! That’s what makes you and your business truly unique.

Coaches and consultants are more and more like sand. But someone with your experience, your personality, your view of things? There is only once.

And there are guaranteed people who need YOU and YOUR ART precisely.

You have the opportunity to stand for particular values. You can build a strong relationship with others who believe in the same as you.

We are all looking for people who are like us. We can trust them – mainly because there are so much uncertainty and complexity.

Think of your best joy: Do not you have much in common? Do not you like it too because of its rough edges? So why are so many companies trying to look smooth and perfect? They are afraid of standing up for something and possibly being sentenced for it.

But if everyone likes you, you probably did something wrong.

You just can not please everyone if you take a clear stance. But you will be exactly like those who believe in the same as you.

The power of the 1,000 true fans

There are certainly thousands of people who do not like Casey Neistat and can not do anything with him. But that is not important. Only those who love him are important. They appreciate him because of his crazy nature. The paradox is that because of its uniqueness, it has built up a considerable fan base. So big that he was able to collect more than $ 150,000 in one day for the operation of his UPS messenger’s sister with a video.

For me, that is the power of people who are authentic and calm. And work hard to deliver as much value to their community as possible. Casey has done this every single day.

But you do not have to reach millions of people. According to Wired Editor-in-Chief Kevin Kelly, it’s enough that every entrepreneur has 1,000 true fans to make a good living. Further information and the very readable article can be found here.

This does not mean 1,000 Facebook fans or newsletter subscribers, but people who follow you, trust you, value your work, and build a very close relationship with you. Just think about which people you are a fan of and would buy from them almost anything because you totally trust them. 

Become just such a person for others. Stand up for your values ​​and stay authentic, honest, and only yourself.

What distinguishes authentic marketing? 

Since the text is already quite extensive, here is the short form of the most important features for your self-marketing;

1. Personality

Your customers buy from you as a person, not your company! Show yourself as a tangible person with rough edges, not as a perfect, slick entrepreneur. Be aware of what your particular strengths are and build it further – but be equally thankful for your weaknesses. They are one of the reasons why others like you.

2. Integrity / Clear Value

A person with integrity lives and acts by his values ​​and protects them as a treasure. Be aware of what values ​​you want to work and live by. What is especially important to you? Why are you actually doing what you are doing? What annoys or excites you? How do others recognize what values ​​you stand for?

3. Community

We are all looking for like-minded people who support, catch, and inspire us. If you are aware of your personality and your values, seek out people who share the same values ​​and beliefs. Create with them a community of peers eg, through Facebook groups or events.

4. Added value

You can not solve every problem, and you do not have to save the world. But you can help your customers improve a certain area in their lives. Instead of creating a service and then looking for customers, do the reverse: search for people you want to help. Then create tailored offers based on your shared values. So it is also unnecessary to have someone “sell something.” Because you first identified the problem and then developed a solution.

5. Communication

Use your empathy and experience to understand what your customers really care about. Your communication is NEVER FOR YOU. Not about what you can do great or what coaching method you apply. Your customer wants to know how to get from point A to point B the fastest with your help. Show and teach him exactly that. And learn how to convey the content as interestingly and pictorially as possible, eg, through storytelling, pictures, videos, or graphics.

6. Giving

There is no quick overnight success. But the best and most sustainable strategy I know is Geb, without asking for anything back immediately (but that does not mean that you should not ask for money!). Many only give something and demand immediate countermeasures, both from business partners and friends. I think that’s not how it works. Share with people generously your knowledge eg, by posts, videos, or a short checklist. Be as helpful as possible with every personal encounter. Under the law of reciprocity, you will get back directly or indirectly.


Due to the oversupply, the sensory overload, and the necessary marketing mistrust, it is of enormous importance to build trust in their customers and not to disappoint. Authentic marketing helps you find the customers you like to work with and share the same values. So you can build a stable and sustainable relationship that benefits both sides. Authentic marketing is not a method but a fundamental attitude and corporate attitude.

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