Android 10: This is what the new features look like

Android celebrates an anniversary: ​​With Android, Q is now the tenth version of the popular smartphone operating system appeared and brought numerous innovations and improvements. We show you the most significant changes – also vividly in the video.

Android is the world’s most popular mobile operating system for smartphones. Now the anniversary version Android 10 Q has appeared and brings many changes and innovations with it. It all starts with the name: So Android Q is the first version of the popular operating system that does not listen to the name of a candy. Also, the Android logo has been redesigned: The typical green tone has been refined, and the font of the logo has become a bit edgier. Also, the Android robot has been integrated into the logo for the first time. Overall, Android is thus much grown and not as playful, as was the case with past versions.

These smartphones get Android 10 Q

According to the standards, once again, the Pixel Smartphones were first provided with the update. So users of any Google Pixel smartphone can already install the update if this has not happened automatically. When more smartphones get the update, it is not sure. Manufacturers like OnePlus and Nokia are very fast, as far as the handling of updates is concerned. Other manufacturers such as Samsung and Huawei must first provide the new version of Android with their own user interface before the update can be played. So it can take only a few days, but also several months until the smartphones get the new update.

New gesture control facilitates the operation

The Android-typical system navigation with the three buttons at the bottom of the screen received its first major update last year with Android 9 Pie. Rather half-hearted gesture navigation caused a lot of criticism from the user. Google responds to this criticism and donated Android in the tenth version now a completely revised gesture navigation, which is very similar to those of the current iPhones.

So a swipe up brings the user back to the home screen, and a swipe from one screen to the middle performs the following action. Also, Samsung will take over in its new user interface OneUI 2.0 the revised gesture control.

Dark Mode protects the battery and eyes

Many current smartphones display content on an OLED screen. This simply turns off black pixels compared to IPS screens. This not only provides for a more intense black tone but also spares the eyes. Even the battery life increases through the screen technology, since black and thus switched off pixels do not consume energy. Google uses these advantages with Android 10 Q and integrates a system-wide Dark Mode.

Both elements of the operating system, such as the Google search bar and the quick settings, as well as many system apps, including the settings, the phone app, and notes, get the new dark look. The previously white background will be completely black and fonts displayed in white. Thus, many more pixels can be switched off, and much more energy of the battery can be saved. In the dark, the eyes are massively spared, as no longer a completely white screen illuminates the face in an otherwise dark environment.

Now it’s going to be private: more power over access rights

Privacy is an increasingly important topic in the digital world. For the new version of Android, Google has, therefore, fundamentally revised the privacy settings. For example, it is now possible for apps to ensure access to sensitive data, such as the location, only if the app is actually being used. Retrieving this data in the background is then no longer possible for the app.

Also, the user receives a temporary notification that an app is currently retrieving the location in the background. Thus Google wants to remind that an app has unrestricted access to the data.

Now it’s going to be private : That’s what Android 10 Q brings with it

If you like to chat a lot and often use emojis, you should be pleased about this innovation. Google integrates into the new version of the operating system all 230 new emojis. And to do the LGBT community a favor, 53 of these new emojis are gender-neutral.

Visitors like to ask for the Wi-Fi password, but the password is often very long and complicated. With Android 10 Q, Google has put an end to password dictation because Google now implemented a handy Huawei feature. In the settings now not only the Wi-Fi password can be displayed, but also simply scanned via QR code from another phone become. Sharing your own WLAN works within seconds.

The Google file app has been significantly redesigned in Android 10 Q and now offers not only a new design but also a filter option. This makes it easier to find files that have disappeared over time in the lowest directories of the smartphone.

The latest trend in the smartphone segment is mainly foldable smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X. 

Android Q now supports the presentation of such foldable smartphones natively, which should be an even smoother and better presentation possible. 

This also opens the door to foldable smartphones for other manufacturers. Apparently, we can prepare ourselves for a series of new folding devices.

Notifications are better separated with the current version of Android 10: muted announcements are now better separated from the other messages in the notification bar by a separator. With just one click, all mute notifications can soon be deleted, while the other messages remain.

For a detailed list of all other new features and individual explanations, Google had yesterday released the official Android 10 Q website.

Other smartphones – other features

It is important to note that manufacturers like Huawei and Samsung always install their own user interface on the Android operating system. In the past, for example, some devices had a dark mode or their own gesture control. These features are, therefore, no longer a novelty for some users. The above changes are primarily related to raw Android, as found on most Motorola, Nokia, Google, etc. devices. But it can be assumed that the manufacturers also equip their own user interfaces with new features. Which will then be uploaded in the coming weeks and months on the several smartphones via update.

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