15 Huge Misunderstandings About Blogging.

Not only blogging begs the question: How do myths and misunderstandings actually come about? By pretending that people who have little idea of ​​something pretend to know.

If you look at it that way, it’s no wonder that there are hardly any areas of life where clichés and totally false beliefs do not make the rounds that shake the heads of real experts.

Blogging is no different. Everyone can blog, it’s easy, and you can start your own blog in 10 minutes and then get rich and famous. I know so well because I, too, had these misunderstandings in the bulb and would have nodded at a number of the points below.

Much of this results in talented future bloggers having false expectations, making mistakes, failing or not even starting. I’ve talked to a number of my blogger colleagues, and a message is clear:

You must not go to the misunderstandings on the glue.

Group 1 – Those who Doubt Blogging

They want to start blogging, but several beliefs are keeping them from doing so. Mostly, they also tend to be a bit perfectionist. The following false myths keep you from doing that and may never start talented blogging.

1) Blogging is Technically Very Complicated

Just one thing: every day, thousands of blogs go online. Only very, very, very, very few of them succeed.

My own knowledge in HTML, javascript, CSS, PHP (any web programming stuff) is manageable. Actually, they go to zero. A relatively clear indication that technology and success have no connection.

2) This Costs an Incredible Amount of Time

Facebook too. TV too. Do a job every day you hate too. Did the penny drop?

3) AT Some Point I have Nothing Left to Write

So it is for anyone who is particularly well versed in a topic: You think that your own knowledge, your own expertise is nothing special, that everyone can and knows. But that’s not the case. And an area you crave never stops. Because the more you know, the more you will find out what else to discover.

4) Blogging does not Help My Business

Blogging makes you known. Blogging makes it clear what you do. Blogging positions you in an area as an expert. Blogging brings prospects to your website. Blogging leads to the creation of an e-mail list. Blogging is loved by Google.

Ok, that’s right. Of course, all this does not do anything for business. Zero. Nada.

Or, um, maybe think about it again …

Group 2 – The Bloggers Smile

You can not blame them. Blogging is not necessarily something that you learn at school or at university, or for what there would be a “proper” vocational training with a final exam. Therefore, it is understandable that it is ridiculed by many and not rudimentary perceived as a “job.” By the way:

Scorn is the praise of the ignorant.

1) What Should that Bring?

The majority of the family, friends, and acquaintances fall into this group. To the question “What do you do professionally, I always answer with dedication (although it is no longer true):” I am a blogger.” I can count the seconds until the answer, “Can you live on it?” Comes. And further statements in the course of the conversation make it clear that the other person smiles at what I am doing.

Only when I mention the buzz that blogging generates for me month after month does one become clueless.

2) Nobody Reads that

This objection is partly justified. Because blogs that are not well done, no one reads. Point. Unfortunately, a fact. Because there are too many of them. But if your blog is excellent, it will not only be read, it will be loved. And yes, there are thousands upon thousands of people who regularly read blogs.

Unfortunately, there is not enough to earn for the advertising industry, so there is no excellent media analysis like TV & Co.

3) You can not Live on that

That too is not incorrect. But it does not depend on the blog, but on you, your qualifications, your marketing, and most importantly, on your blog business model.  The mediocre restaurant can not live. And not even if you are a “bad” employee and therefore lose his job. But the good news. If you like doing something, then you’ll be fine.

And when you get well, being successful is not so far away anymore.

Group 3 – Doing Business with Blogging

“Explaining Blogging” has become a great business by now. Mostly by those who never had more than 5,000 readers a month on their blog. And those who earn little or no money with their blog. But as with all things in life that are “trendy,” there are of course many freeloaders who spread these myths with a single motivation: earning money themselves.

1) Everyone can Blog

You get that currently sold day by day: For blogging, you need nothing and know nothing. Without previous knowledge, without knowledge, without a website, without a laptop. Who believes that is – sorry – even without brain on the way. No, not everyone can blog. But not everyone can be accountants or carpenters or astronauts or instructors or cooks or, or, or.

As with everything in life, the mix of talent, action, and perseverance counts. Actually, the last point is the most important one.

2) Blogging goes Almost by Itself

The same colleagues who meet us at point 1 continue here. Because you just have to use the tool X or Y, then you have a blog online in no time, and then the most important thing is already done. The traffic bubbles like magic and all your visitors tear the products out of your hands.

The Brothers Grimm would genuinely be envious of some blogging and online business gurus.

3) You Just have to Write a Little

Because when the article is written, then the rest goes by itself. All in all, Google is looking for exactly what you’re doing (there’s nothing else Google has to do day after day than putting your articles in the first place), and you do not have to worry about your blog and blog articles getting into people’s hands (Brothers Grimm Part 2)

4) There is a Patent Remedy

The third part of Grimm’s fairy tale is: Just do steps 1-5 and then you’re successful. Obviously, experiencing these steps will cost you a lot of money. And it is also clear that if these steps do not work, then it is not the patent recipe that is to blame. You just are not ready yet.

Clearly, as in all areas: there is no repeatable concept that always works. There are still several ways to succeed and just as many to failure. The philosopher’s stone does not exist in the online business, even though you want to believe it a lot.

Group 4 – The Wrong Blogging Experts

They have either been bloggers for years (mostly the old school) or for some reason they believe they are blogging experts. It is also essential that they speak of themselves as experts, well-known coaches, or famous success authors. But often they have no idea or their expertise was created in the years of the 56k modem.

1) Money Only with Advertising

One of the most persistent misconceptions ever, particularly prevalent, by Old School bloggers is that the only way a blog brings in wealth is paid advertising or paid contributions. I have heard that as a blogger offering his own product, you are nothing more than an “ebook selling insurance agent.” (Sorry dear insurance agent, this statement has not grown on my crap).

To make it clear to everyone:, A blog brings people forward and is also a mini-advertising agency for the blogger. What you make of it is up to you. And yes, living with it is quite good.

2) Content is King

OMG, for every time I read this sentence, I would like to have a Euro. I would be rich. And yes, I know, I wrote it myself a few times. But he is not right. The content (ie, content, texts, videos, etc.) is online enough. It’s not about the content. It’s about who packs the content for whom. And that’s why the Copy Cats have no chance. And the “good guys” will hardly have a competitor.

One more thing: Promotion is also King. And strategy. And motivation. And perseverance.

3) It Takes a Long Time for you to Succeed

Again, many years of experts speak from their own experience. From a profoundly subjective experience. When you start a blog, it may be that he’s going through the ceiling (like mine, for example). It may also be that it takes longer and there is a steady, very stable growth.

At the end of the day, it does not count how long it takes, but whether the goal has been achieved. Blogging is not a race.

4) There are Fixed Rules

It was not until I started my blog that I noticed that in the so-called blogosphere (what a terrible word), there are rules. So you have to do things that you do as a blogger, and certainly not do it. Well, dumb, I did not know those rules. It worked too, or that’s why. There is a beautiful quote:

Everyone said that it did not work until one came and did not know it.

Your Blog. Your Rules.

Phew, these are now more myths and misunderstandings than initially thought. I was in the flow, and maybe the emotion went through a bit with me.


If you want to start a blog (that’s a little bit like us dropouts ) and you doubt, or you’re not getting along with your project because of those myths and beliefs in your head: read that list again and throw everything overboard to slow you down.

And start.

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