15 tips for easy and fast backlinks

There are a lot of factors for a good search engine ranking, and backlinks are definitely still part of it today.

If you want to appear as far ahead as possible on Google, you need many good backlinks, i.e., links from other blogs and websites.

Today I would like to present 15 tips on how to get fast and straightforward backlinks.

Besides, I describe Best Practices and my own experiences as a Blogger for many years.

Many ways lead to Rome.

Of course, there are many ways to get backlinks from other blogs. But not all of them are easy and feasible for every blogger.

The following 15 methods have proven to be the most effective for me in the past. Effective means in this context with as little effort as possible at as low a cost as possible.

This is important to me because I want to write articles and not spend many hours building backlinks.

15 tips for fast and straightforward backlinks

In the past, I used the following tips myself to create new backlinks for both new and existing blogs.

Of course, there is no guarantee that these tips will work for every blog. The individual requirements are simply too different for that. But you should try them out and see what works for you.

High-quality articles

The basis for many backlinks is high-quality and compelling articles, which are nowhere else available in this kind. Tutorials, tutorials, top 10 lists, and other good quality articles are also often linked by other bloggers and website operators.

Ask yourself what you would link to on other blogs and then write such an article.

Social Web

But the high-quality articles are only one side of the coin. If nobody knows about it, then nobody can set a backlink.

So share your excellent articles on social networks like Facebook or Twitter. Pinterest is also a perfect platform if you create a suitable graphic for it.

It’s best to add the voting/sharing buttons of the different social websites to your blog (e.g., using the Shariff Wrapper plugin), so that sharing your article is even more comfortable.

Round-Up article

Getting other bloggers and website owners on board is a great way to provide many fast and straightforward backlinks.

In a round-up article, you summarize the answers of some other experts in your own niche to a specific question and thus offer a highly entertaining and readable contribution.

Also, the participants of such a round-up article like to link to what the coveted backlinks have to offer.

Increase RSS Readership

Even though RSS feeds are no longer as relevant today as they were a few years ago. A large number of feed subscribers are also very helpful in building backlinks.

Because among the readers of RSS feeds, some naturally many bloggers use the medium RSS feed more frequently than Otto-Normal users. And the feed readers with their own blog also like to link to interesting articles from time to time.

Link exchange

I’m not really a big fan of a link exchange, but there are exceptions. If someone contacts me, who runs a really thematically fitting and high-quality blog, then I like to link it.

Also, indirect mutual linking is interesting. This means that I link to blog 1 of the other and get a backlink from blog 2 of the other. Then it doesn’t look so apparent for Google to exchange links.

But don’t start begging for links. There has to be a win/win situation for both bloggers. I always wonder what people expect when they send me a link exchange request regarding “Independent on the Net,” even though their blog is only 2 weeks old.


Unique articles that are only there to generate backlinks are called link baits.

A while ago I noticed such a link bait again. Someone criticized dozens of blogs and their contents. This, of course, attracts attention and some of the affected blogs will have written about it, including a backlink. So link baits are mainly attracting attention (positive or negative) and get a lot of backlinks.

However, one should be careful here, not only to provoke but to provoke. There you can also get trouble quickly, which prevents later cooperations or similar.

Also, you should remain honest with the link baits and not do it like many current online media and deceive the readers with the headlines or even lie to them.


If you want to stay up to date yourself, you inevitably read many blogs yourself. At least that’s how I feel.

It’s a good idea to comment there. Partly there is also a proper backlink (without no-follow), and you attract attention with many high-quality comments. Both the other readers and the blog owner, which may lead to further cooperation.

Of course, comment backlinks are not of very high quality, but they also belong to a standard backlink profile.


Interviews have proven to be very useful for me. Other bloggers and website owners like attention. So when you ask if you can interview someone, you often get positive feedback.

The creation of the questions is then usually done relatively quickly, and from the interview partner, you hopefully get long and exciting answers.

And of course, the interviewees like to link to the interview and share it on the Social Web.

High-quality directories

There are them, the high-quality directories. If you are looking for the high-quality thematic lists in your industry, you can get thematically suitable and high-quality backlinks with relatively little effort.

However, many online directories have been neglected or punished by Google in recent years. So you should take a very close look here.

Regional Backlinks

Also, regional backlinks are quite natural to get. Usually the own city, the private association, local companies, etc. have their own link lists.

A friendly request for a backlink is often met there, especially if you have a personal contact or offer a return service, such as a backlink.

Private Backlinks

Partners, joy, acquaintances, etc. should be asked if they can set a link to their own blog. That is today by many social profiles, often no problem, and this one has the first essential Backlinks.

Besides, surely the one or other acquaintance and friend operates the one or other Website, which is likewise a good source for a first Backlink.

Guest article

Whoever manages to place a guest article on a popular blog usually gets a valuable backlink as well as a lot of attention.

For this, however, you must have really high-quality content in your own blog. Also, you should really invest a lot of work in the guest article and deliver an excellent article.

Download make available

A very effective way to get backlinks is to offer a free download. Be it an eBook, a checklist, a WordPress theme, a tool, a WordPress plugin, or whatever.

Especially such free offers usually attract a lot of backlinks, because people love such things. I often see that usual blog articles are offered as PDF downloads and are therefore much more interesting for many users.

Write about others

It has always been beneficial for me to write about other blogs, websites, and people. My income reports, in which I list the monthly income of other blogs, for example, always brought me new backlinks.

Anyone who writes about others attracts the attention of the “people affected,” and many therefore like to link to such articles.

Link yourself!

My most important advice is always that you should not be afraid of linking yourself. If you connect a lot to other blogs and websites, you will not only please your own readers, but you will also get many links back.

Also, with backlinks, it is a give and takes.


As you have undoubtedly noticed, many of the tips are not designed to get direct and immediate backlink. Instead, many methods aim to get indirect backlinks.

This may take longer and sometimes not work as intended, but overall, the indirect methods have often been the more effective ones for me.

As a rule, the chances of success increase if you combine several of the mentioned methods. So e.g., write a high-quality article, share it on social networks and link to other blogs in the section and so on.

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