Some questions to make your epic blog posts

Can I ask you a question? I do not know if you will appreciate it, because I will try to find out more about you. It may be bothering you. My question is, why are you writing? Why do you spend so much time working on your blog, writing articles?

Sincerely, what makes you sit down at your desk and write? Because you’re not doing it just for fun, are you?

Of course, blogging pleases you. You write on a topic that you like, you write articles on a subject that you are passionate about, you give your best advice to help your readers … But there is something behind all that. A big, important thing that has scale.

Correct me if I am wrong, but deep inside you, there is this desire, this dream inaccessible. You may have repressed him. You think it’s naive to believe in it and hope it comes true. But buried and hidden deep in your heart, he is there: the hope of living your blog. The truth about blogging and life in general.

One day, a friend of mine, Lucas, decided to lose weight. He was unwavering: once his decision was made, nothing and no one could stop him. He made concrete actions by going to the gym five times a week, running on the treadmill like a patient, determined to achieve his goal.

Losing 10 pounds in 3 months: that’s what motivated him. He put energy and intensity into his training, determined to reap the benefits of his hard work.

Yes, but here it was: Lucas was doing all he could for physical exercise, but when he came home, he would annihilate his progress in a moment. Pizza, sugary drinks, fast food, fatty food … Her diet was horrible. I’ll tell you one thing: Lucas never lost weight.

I’m not saying it’s easy, but dieting is simple. He only had to do two things every day: exercise and eat healthily. Only the respected only one of the two conditions. He was playing sports, but the diet did not follow. And because of that, he never achieved his goal.

The truth is that blogging works the same way: if you want to live the life of freedom you dream so much through your blog, you must do things right.

Creating content is good … But it’s not enough. You must perform one more action.

If you want to live on your blog, you have to write fascinating articles. Do not waste time writing average articles and waiting for a miracle, waiting for people to recognize your talent.

Make it happen – create great content that people love, content that people love.

If you do that, you will succeed in creating a real community around your blog. Your readers will become your fans: they will read all your articles and will keep coming back to your site. They will share and comment on your articles. And most importantly, they will buy your products. Because you give exceptional content, they will trust you: your blog will generate sales.

You can finally quit your job, spend time with people who are dear to you and work from anywhere in the world.

I’m not a dream salesman, and that’s why I’m telling you this: interesting writing articles is hard. It takes a monster job, but it’s not impossible. What you need is a method. And that’s precisely what I’m giving you: here are 47 elements in the form of questions that you can answer to turn a mediocre article into an epic content.



Your title is the first (and sometimes the only) impression your readers will have of your article.

According to the huge Copyblogger marketing blog, 8 out of 10 people will read your title … But only 2 out of 10 people will click on it.

Publishing an article without a valid title is like building a house without solid foundations. The title is the base of your essay, and if you want it to be concrete, answer these questions:

1) Emotion: Does your title contain a strong passion? A positive or negative feeling asserted ten times the power of a title. Use powerful words like “failed, doomed” or “inspiring, epic” to get more clicks and more sharing on social networks.

2) Curiosity: Does your title pique the interest of your reader? A good title disturbs the person who reads it. Your title should look so intriguing that your reader will not be able to stop clicking on it (where if he does not, he will be angry all his life).

3) Clarity: Does your title show a clear, unique, and enviable profit?

4) Honesty: Does your article fulfill the promise made in your title? It’s primordial. If you say “How to double your traffic in 30 days” and that all you give is just little tricks and that do not achieve this result, you lose credibility. This is a public phenomenon.

5) Simplicity: Does your reader immediately understand what the article is about by reading your title? If it is not the case, try again. The best titles are the simplest.


If your title is concrete, then your introduction should be hardened steel. The title is essential because it is thanks to him that we will click on your content … But you have no guarantee that it reads.

That’s the job of the introduction. So, if you want articles to read (to the last word), shared and commented, answer these questions:

6) Consistency: Is your introduction consistent with your title? Your reader must feel that he is in the right place, from the first words he reads.

7) Hook: Are your first 10 lines magnetic? Harpoon your reader, leave him no chance to escape.

A great way to do this is to describe the problems your readers have from the beginning. He will recognize himself and want to read what you have written, to the last word.

8) Fancy: Does your first sentence make you want to read the second? Does your second sentence make you want to read the third, and so on?


Unfortunately, the conclusion is too often overlooked in blog posts. Avoid this error by asking yourself the right questions:

9) Commitment: Are your latest lines motivating, inspiring, and pushing your readers to apply your advice? Otherwise, do it. An energizing conclusion is a key to your readers acting (and by that I mean to share and comment on your article).

10) Call to Action: Have you finished your article by telling your readers exactly what you expect from them? Be authoritative for the blow: ask them to subscribe to your newsletter, share your material with their friends, apply your advice …


Your tone of writing is what makes you different from the mass. If you want to be more than just a voice among a hubbub, your sound must be remarkable. And there are some tips for that. Here they are :

11) Conversational: Does your article look like communication between one human and another?

12) You: Do you speak directly to your reader (as I have done since the beginning of this article)? Your text should contain 3 times more the word “you” than the word “I.”

13) Language: Do you use the style of your audience? Avoid jargon and clichés.

14) Exciting: Is your text pleasant to read? Or are your sentences heavy and monotonous? Be passionate when you write. Make your readers laugh, enervate them, inspire them … They will not want to read anything but you.

15) Exclamation: Have you removed the exclamation marks? Because it is a sign of weak writing. Instead of saying, “It’s big! “Try,” It’s enormous. ” Instead of “It was brave! Say, “It was heroic. “

16) Dangerous: Are you serious when writing a new article? If you want to be listened to, then you must start by taking yourself seriously. Do not see your blog just as a blog, but as an opportunity to change the world.


Even the best advice in the world is worthless if your article is not credible. You must show your readers that you know what you are talking about, that you are trustworthy.

Answer these questions to make your writing persuasive:

17) Profit: Do you clearly show the benefits to your readers? An example: do not say that your article learns to write a right sales page (that’s the feature). Say instead that your essay can increase sales (that’s real profit).

18) Because: Do you show your readers the importance of your article? Tell your readers why they should listen to you, and use the word “because” because it is persuasive.

19) Image: Do you support your speech with talking images? Remember, “A picture is worth 1000 words”.

20) Social Proof: Are the advice you give supported by credible sources? Include quotes, expert testimonials, famous examples …

21) Precision: Are you precise in your text? Add numbers and statistics to prove your story and establish your expertise.

22) Science: Do you use scientific studies? Science is the most powerful way to boost your credibility.

23) Depth: Do you get to the bottom of things when you write? Post long, complete, detailed articles. You will be the blogger you listen to when he speaks because you bring value.

24) Research: Do your research, then structure your ideas before you start writing?

25) Understanding: Do you understand your readers? You must know your theme at your fingertips.


26) Simple: Is your text minimalist? Publish your article, cut the passages that are not essential. Keep only the best.

27) Rhythm: Are your sentences always the same length? Or do you alternate between long and short sentences to create a catchy rhythm? This is the mark of a (very) good blogger.

28) Action: Do you have a passive voice in your text? If so, eliminate it. Keep only the active voice for a toned version.

29) Readability: Are your paragraphs long blocks like the Great Wall of China? Leave spaces. My advice: no more than 5 lines per paragraph.

30) Question: Do you ask questions in your article to make it alive?

31) Reading: Do you read your article aloud once you finish writing it? I also thought it was not good for anything … until I tried. You will see all the imperfections of your text, and you can turn it into an incredible story.

32) Standing out from the crowd: Are you using promise chips? They allow :

  • To catch the eyes of your readers;
  • To pause in the text (it feels good);
  • To get your ideas out of the lot.

33) Caption: Do you accompany your images with legends? Do not have captions on an image is like watching a sublime yellow Lamborghini at a dealership, without the seller telling you anything about this jewel, without any explanation. It’s frustrating.

34) Subtitle: Do your captions make you curious and make you want to read more?

35) Police: You’re arrested … Ok, sorry for that shabby joke. Is your text full of words written in bold, italic, underlined, and all colors? Tip: Use only italics to highlight important words (and bold when a sentence is a capital).


36) Practice: Do you write and read a lot? There are no secrets: to be an excellent blogger, you have to practice these two things daily. This is undoubtedly what Stephen King advises (and I fully agree with him). Try to write 1000 words a day: you will make tremendous progress.

37) Meaning: Do you use sensory words that allow people to see, hear, touch, taste, and smell words (e.g., bright, noisy, sharp, tasty, fragrant)?

38) Trio: Do you use the rule of 3 to make your content epic, magical, and heroic? This rule is the one I just used: line up three adjectives or verbs side by side.

39) Power: Do you use powerful words? Instead of saying big, say giant. Instead of great, great. Instead of scary, terrifying. These words awaken your readers and make your article fascinating.

40) Story: Do you tell a story to support your message? Storytelling is an atomic bomb.

42) Empathy: Do you show your readers that you are there for them? Calm their fear, help them reach their dreams … They will thank you by sharing your content. By returning to your blog. And by buying your products.

43) Safety: Are you writing on a random subject (and therefore you are not sure about the buzz of your article)? Or do you use a tool like BuzzSumo to find out what works best to write a viral essay?

44) Contrast: Are you using this little trick that can bring you gigantic results? The principle is simple: contrast two words (as I just did with “petite” and “gigantesque”).

45) Demonstration: Are you showing instead of describing? I give you an example: “Theo is weird. There, I describe. “Theo arrived on stilts at the party”: here I show. You too, show your readers, it’s infinitely more talking. By the way, the “Theo” we’re talking about is me. Nice to meet you

46) Pride: Are you proud when you push this “Publish” button with your mouse? Only post amazing content: you’ll have a torrent of traffic, as well as sharing and commenting en masse.

47) Inspiration: Do you take time to read and learn new things? Feed your brain so that great ideas germinate afterward.

You can do it.

You can live the life of your dreams.

Give up mediocrity.

The hollow articles that do not vibrate anyone? It’s not for you anymore.

Now you will take your blog seriously, publish epic content that will change the lives of your readers, as well as yours. Because if you’re ready to do whatever it takes to build this popular blog that everyone will hear about, that’s what will happen: your life will change.

Do not worry: you have all the necessary tools, all the cards in hand to provoke your luck.

Now, it’s your turn to play. Go ahead to win. I count on you.

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