How to find your first customers on the internet?

To find your first customers on the internet, you need to know the right internet marketing strategies. Indeed, the internet is today the tool par excellence to sell its products and services. In this article, discover the techniques to find your first customers on the internet and sell your goods and services.

Having customers is the desire of any marketer to sell his products and services. However, to find your first customers, several criteria are required. Indeed, the customer potential must be convinced and reassured of the quality of your service before putting your hand in the pocket. On this, your product or service must first respond to a need, a problem, a frustration experienced by your potential customers. First of all, do you put yourself in the customers’ shoes and ask yourself: “If I were presented with such a product or service, would I have bought it? If the answer is no, then your product or service is not yet likely to attract customers. You will still have to work on things that do not fit. But beware,

Find your first customers on the internet is to define a market price

The price at which you will offer your products is not defined at random. You must take into account the price on the market in case the product or service you offer is already on the market. Otherwise, it is important to set a reasonable price because you always have in mind the criterion quality and price of your product or service. Know that if your benefits are satisfying the frustrations of the first customers, the rest will come without you having to make more effort. And in the same way, the opposite phenomenon will occur when they do not find satisfaction.

Finding your first clients on the internet means defining good relationship strategies

The relationship you have with your first customers is useful if you want to have one hundred thousand clients or even more. Everyone looks for security wherever they go. That being so, the customer will be ready to buy your product or service as long as he feels respected and secure. Now imagine that one of your clients is coming to you in a tense atmosphere. The obvious is that it will spend less time than expected or will leave. Relationships with your customers are therefore a determining factor in expanding your customer portfolio.

Types of customers on the internet

Having an idea about the type of customers is also a very important criterion not to neglect in the search for its first customers. The customers are different from each other and you must know it to be able to handle the situation in case one day you have to deal with a difficult customer. Here is a set of typical customers that you can meet.

The nice customer

The majority of those who buy your products or services are friendly, kind and patient customers. They appreciate your benefits and congratulate you for the work. They forgive you even the small mistakes you make. It is this client who will receive the best service because he will appreciate it and will encourage you to give the best of yourself. However, do not take it for granted and only spend time dealing with problematic clients. He is your best customer and deserves to be treated and considered as such. Show him that you are also happy to see him again and he will come back often.

The customer in a hurry

The rushed customer wants everything and immediately, he does not want to waste time waiting for anything. You can notice it, he is impatient and wants to be served in record time. And you have to show him that you are there for him. Do your best to serve it as soon as possible.

However, the mistake not to commit when faced with such a customer is to become as stressed as him, otherwise you will affect the quality of your service.

The undecided client

The undecided customer often does not know what he wants and sometimes asks too many questions. It is therefore up to you to guide your choice. And again, do not make the mistake of offering several products or services at the risk of making it more difficult to choose. Propose a product or service by telling them what it is and wait for a “yes” or “no”. If it is satisfied it is perfect, if not continue with the same process by offering another service or product.

The discreet customer

This type of client does not dare ask too much questions and will always agree with everything you tell him. It is this kind of customer who could be served at the restaurant an infamous dish and who would be satisfied. However, he is much less embarrassed when it comes to telling his friends that and that’s where he makes you a bad name. Put him in trust and prove to him that you are his equal and that he can be honest with you. Ask him for his opinion by showing that he counts for you to tell the truth. Note that these clients are often difficult to spot.

The angry customer

This kind of customer is frustrated and does not hesitate to complain and insult you. Whatever your effort to serve him, it will never be enough for him. So avoid getting into his game and get angry too. Keep calm and start to understand and clarify the problem with him. When you identify the source of frustration, demonstrate that you understand his problem, and that you are trying to find a solution to his problem.

The customer who knows everything

He claims to know how to do your job better than you to the point where you wonder why he is using your services. He keeps criticizing what you do or giving you advice, which can quickly become overwhelming. Make it feel important. And show him later that you have the skills to achieve what he has in mind. If he is always insistent, you can offer him a task in the project to make him feel useful. In addition, make sure you have a good contract to impose your limits and have a method to protect yourself afterwards.

Strategies to find your first clients on the internet

Selling your product or service is synonymous with having a customer who will buy it. But finding this customer can be a real problem especially when you do not know too much. It is therefore necessary to put in place techniques to find customers able to buy your products or services. Here are the good strategies to use to find your first customers on the internet.


The survey technique comes before the creation of your product. And you have to create products or services for your customers and not for you. That said, if your services do not interest potential customers, know that whatever the sales technique used, you will not be able to sell your products or services to a large number of people. The interest of surveys is to ask potential customers about the quality of the service or product they would like to have. Through surveys, you can make sure you know:

  • Your customers ;
  • Their aspirations;
  • The benefits they wish to have.

At the same time, surveys integrate several important parameters in the search for your first clients. These include formulating questions about the goals of your potential customers and what prevents them from achieving those goals. Then come the demographic statistics of your clients, that is to say their age, their sex, and their socio-professional category.

Create the avatar of your prospects 

Once the phase of the surveys is validated, then comes the moment to get an idea of ​​those who could become your real customers. In fact, the analysis of your clients ‘profiles involves demographic data and general knowledge of your clients’ desires as well as their frustrations.

These answers will be used to build the avatar of your prospects. The interest of creating an avatar is to help him with your services, by sending him an email during your super launch.

The creation of an avatar is to inspire you with the answers collected during your survey by answering the following questions:

  • What is the primary need of it?
  • What is his deepest need?

Then write down what your prospect would write and write a word that corresponds to his deepest need. In addition, identify his level of study, his age, his socio-professional category. All this information will allow you to define the profile of your avatar.

Buy traffic on networks with a symbolic investment

Networks have great potential in terms of advertising for companies that want to communicate widely about their products or services. Facebook is the premier platform for successful advertising campaigns. The advantage of social networks is that they are accessible to all (or almost) and allow true control of your budget.

Principle of Facebook advertising

In addition, it is important to know the operating principle of Facebook advertising. The principle is to show ads in the feed of publications of your contacts or in the right column of Facebook when the user is online and invite him to like a page, to discover the site of a company or ‘a product.

Advertising campaigns can take various forms:

  • Apparent advertisements in the right column of the social network, with a larger format since April 2014 and the integration of an image (maximum size 1200 x 627);
  • Promoted advertisements apparent in the user’s news feed and redirected in the fan-page;
  • Advertising videos lasting 15 seconds in the user’s timeline. They launch automatically without sound as soon as they appear on the screen and go full screen with the sound activated when the user clicks on the advertisement.

Writing of advertising

Facebook ads should be as short as possible. It is recommended not to exceed 25 characters. As for advertising messages, they must not exceed 135 characters, which is less than an SMS. It must be precise in his speech because it is impossible to say everything. The message must be motivating and convincing to attract the user because he is already asked by the news feed of his friends. When it comes to image, choose an image that accurately represents your company or product or service.

Pay per click or display

Facebook offers two payment methods for advertising: either click (CPC: Cost Per Click) or display (CPM: Cost Per Thousand impressions).

  • Pay on click

The investment starts from $ 1 for your advertising. Just like Google Adwords, you pay for service by click. Concretely Facebook charges the advertiser each time a user clicks on the advertisement. The system is therefore paid for performance. Advertisers set a maximum budget per day, and once the number of clicks for the budget is spent, advertising stops showing.

  • Compensation on display

For this other form of remuneration, Facebook offers the possibility of fixed price. Here, the advertiser is not charged per click, but the number of display of his advertising. The advertiser must pay for at least 1000 displays of his advertising.

Target your advertising

The cost of advertising depends primarily on the target you are targeting. Indeed, Facebook allows to filter the display of advertising to better target the recipients of the advertising. It is possible to define the target profiles according to:

  • Age;
  • Sex;
  • The birthday,
  • Country of origin ;
  • The type of job;
  • Training ;
  • The love situation;
  • Language ;
  • Contacts sought.

Share free content on social networks

The main advantage of social networks is free. Even though this strategy requires your presence on a regular basis, the stakes are worth it.

Depending on your job, you choose your social network: no need to disperse. The most used social networks for business are: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.

Social networks will allow you to collect the opinions of your subscribers on your services or products and they can be shared. And so, you will be able to identify the qualities and defects inherent in your benefits for improvement.

Develop partnerships with leaders in your field of activity

Partnerships play a role of first choice in the research process of your first customers on the internet. Even if it happens that we sometimes neglect their power. Concretely, it’s about creating partnerships with leading companies in your field of activity. Indeed, they can put you in touch with their customers and showcase your products or services. So, in a short time, you can see your customer portfolio go from zero to hundreds or even thousands.

Note however that not all companies will be ready to assist you and it is up to you to know how to handle such situations.

In the end, succeeding on the internet depends on several complementary criteria. The main criterion is finding your first customers based on marketing strategies. Without customers, you will not be able to sell your products or offer your services.

Bonus Video:

Determine that you will bring “the best value possible” at the beginning, and determine to follow a path of ever-improving value, and you will have dazzled customers.

Dazzled customers are still real people, with real lives, that you are really just one part of, and they are very busy, and… and… and… All very real and valid facts. Being dazzling at what you do “paves the way” beautifully. Then, you are able to remove the hindrances people have to giving you an introduction (referral).

Unfortunately, removing barriers is not the same as motivating action. You cleared the land, but where is the house? You build the house by asking for the introduction. Ask. Wow, so simple. And, do two things in that process:

1. Remove the hurdles by reminding them that they never felt pressured to buy, and that they have been continually dazzled at every step of the way.

2. Motivate them to act by letting them know your business is built entirely on dazzled customer introductions. If we never lose a customer because of our service, there is still economic change, moving, and death that diminish regular customers. If you do not introduce us to others, we will go out of business, resulting in you losing our amazing service.

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